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Венесуэла – Лас Авес

The Islands of Las Aves is situated some 30 miles west of Los Roques and 45 miles East of Bonaire. With around 90 miles from La Guaira, (on the North coast of Venezuela). The group of islands consists of Aves de Barlovento and Aves de Sotavento. Together they cover the same area in Square miles as Los Roques. Around 355 s.m. with most barrier reef and some 16 small and big Islands.
People who like to sail, dive, swim, fish or just enjoy the complete solitude and completely deserted islands, will not find an more unspoiled paradise in the whole of the Caribbean, it has no inhabitants apart from a couple of very friendly fishermen who lives here for about 3 months a year and a small Guardia Nacional outpost with 4 young guys to guard the Islands.